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Creative Web Applications

cwa provides ICT solutions with a special focus on web applications. We design, implement and support of web-pages, e-shops, applications for android, iOS and facebook. Our team has extended experience on databases as well as presence management on e-social networks. We develop integrated solutions for customised web-based Informational Systems. Moreover, we provide academic, ICT and organisational support for conferences.

Web Applications

cwa offers design, implementation and support/further development on custom made solutions that uniquely match the customers’ requirements.

Depending on these requirements solutions, on tailor-made web-base Informational Systems, range from specialisations of generic platforms (e.g. WordPress) to solutions hand-coded purely ad-hoc.

The customisations usually includes definition of the main entities and their inter-relationships of the to-be-modeled paradigm, the user-interaction design, the model programming, the  identification of the best matching web-hosting solution, the debugging process and the compilation of a usage manual.

Our Informational Systems works

Mobile Applications

cwa designs and implements applications for mobile platforms with touch interaction (smartphones, tablets, touch enabled PCs) for both the operating systems android (Google) and iOS (Apple).

Depending of the requirements of the client, cwa can provide solutions in both generic programming frameworks that are almost ready to ship in both operating systems or the native programming language of each.

Moreover, cwa develops the necessary software for the integration of the application’s functionality as well as the interfacing API for the interaction with the server’s back-end software.

The apps we've made

Website Development & Support

cwa takes the creation of web pages to a whole new level. Our solutions integrate to the style and communication policy of the company representing, are developed to the highest aesthetical quality, focus on user-friendly interaction, make the most of Search Engine Optimisation and are made to be as effective as possible for your company.

Depending on the requirements, cwa offers static webpages with exceptional price/quality ratio, dynamic webpages that allow for easy updates as well as custom made webpages tailored to the exact needs.

Our solutions, are delivered with focus on your company’s up-to-date requirements but with additional care in order to be extensible for your future needs.

The webpages we've built

Research Projects

cwa’s members have lengthy experience in the main parts of a research / development project such as the application, the management of the administrative matters and the implementation of Work Packages centered around ICT.

Irrespectively of the scope of the project, cwa can offer support during both the project’s application for funding as well as the management of the administration of the project for its life-span, should the application be accepted.

In those cases that the project’s scope does indeed include the design & development of ICT, especially web-based such as the project’s webpage, e-collaboration suits for the partners, etc, then cwa can offer customised technical solutions.

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EU projects

Conference Support

cwa offers extended academic, ICT & organisational support for conferences and workshops. We provide web-based services for the registration and payment of the attendees as well as design and development of the conference’s webpage. cwa also offers solutions and support to the academic evaluation of the papers submitted to the conferences as well as proceedings/booklet creation from the accepted works. Moreover, cwa arranges for the staffing of the reception desk and the social events of the conference.

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