Do you have a good understaning of the web and its technologies? CWA is interested in students of Informatics & Computer Science departments. Nevertheless, students of similarly computer oriented departments (such as Electrical and Computer Engineering for example) are also welcome. Interns will be joining a highly dynamic team addressing an ever-changing environment wherein most creativity capabilities will find flourishing circumstances.

We offer offices, resources (hardware and software) as well as a team of collaborating domain experts overlooking and guiding interns to a successful and effective internship.

Internship activities

The key areas of activity that interns will be addressing, include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Design & development of web applications using frameworks like jQuery and CodeIgniter
  2. Application data curation
  3. Plugin development for WordPress
  4. Design & development of software debugging processes
  5. Design & development of company infrastructure resources, e.g. Automated backups, Git, Security layers
  6. design & development of facebook apps

The experience interns will receive by their active participation on the aforementioned areas as well as their interaction with real-world users will surely provide an unprecedented degree of amelioration to their knowledge and practical skills. Such advancements will be valuable to their day-after graduation and their careers.

Required qualifications

Applicants are required to have working understanding and experience of programming for the web, with emphasis on:

  1. HTML
  2. PHP (object-oriented and procedural)
  3. JavaScript
  4. MySQL

The areas of activity as well as the required knowledge of applicants can be altered based on complete proposals of the applications or current projects of cwa.

Contact us so that we can set-up a meeting and discuss your ideas.

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