The ultimate gamification of the alarm clock

Alarm Wars

The ultimate gamification of the alarm clock

Alarm Wars app is all about having fun with friends in the face of the dreaded common alarm clock.

The scenario is really simple: Alarm Wars users set the time an alarm should go off but it’s their facebook friends, who are also registered with the app, that get to choose the sound of the alarm (“attack”). So farewell to the boring beep-beep and welcome the fun!

Each “attack” is based on a “bomb” type that describes the “attack”, e.g. choose the alarm sound for one friend and send set the same sound to another random friend or choose an alarm sound that cannot be stopped or even sent an birthday themed alarm sound to friend (and many many more).

The pièce de résistance of the app is the Insta-bomb “attack”. Insta-bombs, in contrast to all other bombs that require the “target” to explicitly set an alarm to receive the “attack”, disregard all notion of choice of the “target” and simply set off almost immediately their alarm. Naturally, the option to receive such “attacks” at all remains with each Alarm Wars user with a simple on/off setting.

The game features a multitude of sounds to wake your friends and even allows for sounds’ recording in order to give a personalized touch to your “target’s” wake up call.

The app is freely available available for android & facebook users on Google Play and allows for in-app purchases that greatly extend its features.