Arbitral Simulator

The “Arbitral Simulator” is an innovative web-service aimed at distance web-based education for students as far as conducting virtual arbitration proceedings is concerned.

cwa, under the supervision of the academic responsible prof. Panagiotis Glavinis, designed and developed the web-service “Arbitral Simulator”.

In detail, is a service that:

  1. allows multiple restarts of the arbitration simulation process,
  2. allows users to be register and assigns them to predefined groups based on administrator preferences,
  3. for each simulation, a list of relevant legal texts (from the administrator > users) are made available, e.g. the legal framework of the country,
  4. for each simulation features (from the administrator > users ) relevant texts on the arbitration scenario (e.g. contract, facts, disagreement , etc.)
  5. supports the creation of queries from the users towards the administration and the reply of the administrator to the querying parties,
  6. supports the creation of deadlines for all relevant to the arbitration events (e.g. the submission of pleadings),
  7. presents the decision of the arbitration process to all parties,
  8. allows for another iteration of the aforementioned steps after the decision has been reached, wherein:
    1. either an appeal is made against the decision by the losing party by means of an application of appeal to a civil court of the seat of the arbitral tribunal,
    2. or the winner of the arbitration applies for recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards in the courts of the country where the residence / headquarters of the defendant.

The administration of the service is easily performed through the same interface