smartphoneCorfiot Easter is an application for android operating system platforms / smartphones / tablets (version 3.0 or newer). The application aims at the presentation and promotion of the centuries old Corfiot customs pertaining to the Easter Orthodox Easter festivities as well as the island and the old town (already a UNESCO World Heritage Site) of Corfu (Kerkyra – Κέρκυρα).

The application is available free of charge and once installed does NOT require wifi or cellphone data. Users receive timely notifications for soon-to-happen events, so they won’t miss a thing from the Corfiot Easter. Additionally, the application includes geo-information that (in addition to GPS information from the mobile platform / smarphone) makes it possible to furnish replies to questions such as: “Where am I?”, “How do I get to …?”, “What events are schedule for today?”, “What is the route of an epitaph”, etc.

The application is fully up-to-date for Easter 2014 as it includes all major Corfiot Easter events as announced by the Municipality of Corfu in the program of “Easter 2014”. In addition, the application also includes a plethora of related information on the customs, the Holy Week and other mainly related to Corfu city information, such as accommodation, eating out, sightseeing, churches, nightlife, philharmonics, that the guests of the Corfiot Easter will find interesting.

The application is supported by the that presents more or less the same information to networked web surfers.

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